We help and inspire individuals, teams and organisations to successfully master change processes and transformation. That requires leaders to communicate effectively, so everyone understands the vision and the values of the organization’s objectives.


Transformation and change are buzzword nowadays, and often confused as being identical. Fact is, that both play a different role for an organisation and are not the same in respect of goal, outcome, processes and way of thinking. Though, both are equally essential for successful and sustainable businesses, we approach each one differently.

Change improves the current as it deals with what you currently do. Transformation looks at the future and direct your actions towards what you will do. Here, your possibilities are only constraint by your imagination and courage.

For us, every transformation involves change, but not all change is transformational. Think of a butterfly – even though it changed, it is a transformation and not a better caterpillar.

As organizations looking to create more sustained change and transformation, communication has to be more than merely inspiring people towards important shared goals; we have to help them becoming change makers.

We are very precise in our support for your organisation to master its change and transformation challenges and for people to become change-ready (attitude and behaviour). We design and implement targeted change communication measures to ensure that your company’s key stakeholders recognize the need for change, support it and actively engage in it.

Challenging the status-quo,  seeking new prospects and perspectives, and mastering the new: We combine our experience from numerous change and transformation projects with unbound creativity and the enthusiasm to think every challenge from scratch – be it a company’s strategic reorientation, a post-merger integration, the development of a (new) corporate culture, or setting up of new line of business, to name a few.

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs

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