Startups create something new that has value and differentiates them from others. And then they offer it to their target groups. To ensure that your narrative will have a big impact, we will support you with engaging content and effective marketing.


Starting Up

The starting point for communication is to define your purpose, your vision, and your mission. They will guide you and help you unleash the innovative power of your startup.  

Highlighting new technology, distinct design, unique materials or novel functions will tell customers what your products or services are made of and what they can do.

You will inspire the market’s innovators and early adopters and create your initial market. But you will also want to start building your share in the mass market, as early as possible.

Informing your main target groups about the overall gains they make when opting for your products or services is a direct path to increasing your revenue stream and ensuring brand loyalty over time.

Ready for Growth?

Growth communication is an accelerated and (single) metric-focused form of startup communication.

And let’s be honest: Even if you have a very convincing solution, rapid growth doesn’t just happen. It is the result of a targeted set of agile activities, which are either challenged or furthered by customer sentiment and market dynamics.

Growth depends on your ability to rapidly adapt to your customers’ response. At all times and at all touch points. You need a growth mindset that allows you to keep focused, be fearless, and move fast.

In supporting you with developing your purpose, mission and vision, we will help you set the stage for your success. The right mindset will help you unleash the full power of your startup.

We will help you define your positioning and messaging, create omnichannel content and start a narrative with your target groups, initially emphasizing innovators/early adopters.

When you are ready to push into the main market, your messaging and content will change and you will rely more on trust-based communication, as customers become less innovation-enthusiastic.

“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs

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