The bells and whistles of traditional branding campaigns are turning people off, as nobody likes to be sold to. We build brand experiences by telling powerful stories that inspire, delight and influence customers at an individual level.


Are you trying to figure out how to present your story and what you stand for – your mission and values – but have trouble communicating with your audience? Nowadays, consumers want to feel part of the brand story and know how they can become a part of it.

At Black Dolphin we specialize in helping brands build meaningful connections with their customers through crafting brand narratives that move people and inspire them to take action.

Our team of branding specialists create campaigns for clients in high-growth industries and we are here to help you articulate a unique story so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Your brand’s story is not the narrative that’s written on your ‘About Us’ page, a catchy tagline or a logo. Your story is made up of your heritage and what you stand for.

We are building your brand on trust, because trust is at the heart of everything – it is the power of your brand. A brand that cannot be trusted over time, won’t survive.

Our philosophy is based on fun, fresh, and clean ways to integrate your brand into all areas of business. In short, we help brands tell their story in an authentic and trustful way. Not by merely by telling, but through providing real experiences people talk about, share and remember.

Proven excellence in...

“A brand is just a perception.
And perception will match reality over time.” Elon Musk

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