Pushing the Limits

These are challenging times for many companies and their stakeholders: the onset of technological change moves forward at an unprecedented scale and speed.

Companies are forced to reinvent themselves – transform or close. Established relationships are being reviewed from the ground up whether they fit the newly emerging value chains. 

New job profiles are evolving that challenge a company’s previous attractiveness as an employer. Investors and consumers demand a balance between profit and sustainability. Both are developing preferences for companies with an economically, ecologically and socially relevant corporate purpose. 

The future belongs to those who understood the principles of success and are able to make their organisation live and act accordingly. 

As experts for communications, we have shaped many innovations, supported corporate transformation, and created tremendous business value.

We are pushing limits in helping companies developing their corporate purpose, mastering new complexities and empowering them to drive positive change forward.

Benefit from fresh perspectives and bespoke services.

Our Playgrounds

Transformative change is systemic. Hence, communication needs interdisciplinary and integrative approaches as well as independent and unbiased advice. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to singular channels or individual instruments, but provide the means for a company to meet its communications challenges. 

Whatever it takes.

We help companies to carve out their purpose, help leadership to emerge where commitment is expected, and help building consensus where discord compromises success.

We look at all underlying processes that influence the effectiveness and success of corporate change, transformation and growth. Maxime is minimizing risk and maximizing success.

Agile team structures allow us to quickly adapt to your needs.

A Team Unlike Any Other

Black Dolphin is a communication cooperative that taps into tried-and-true talent – a unique team of experienced strategists, editors, and PR pros with a rich background in business and a passion for challenges. 

We deliver strategic guidance and inimitable execution to support visionary leadership and create positive momentum in communications.

We are servicing our clients to achieve better results through communication. At the crossing to other disciplines we bring in hand-picked experts, game changers, and freethinkers to support overall project objectives.

Unpretentious yet unapologetically good, we provide you with new thinking and the expertise for mastering new challenges. We do not look like your traditional agency, yet our integrated and agile approach allows for maximum flexibility and efficiency bar none.

We offer you no pomp and pedigree, but a boutique style service portfolio with a personalized, hands-on approach and a commitment  to deliver exceptional results.

As independent network, we are not liable to investors, but we are fully committed to our clients and their business objectives!

When curiosity for the new matters more to you than bricks and mortar.

Flying the Flag

Every industry has a momentum of its own and its own set of rules, making some communication processes look like a different ballgame. How do we know?

We have worked with the world’s most recognisable brands and have helped companies of all sizes grow their businesses – start-ups, hidden champions and blue chips alike.

Our references are diverse and contain projects such as brand workshops and open spaces, media and social media campaigns, curated newsrooms, executive positioning programmes, stakeholder analysis, congress and trade show organization, change and transformation management, product launches and test drives, POS materials and retail comms, content creation & management, digital marketing assets, CSR strategy implementation, employer communications and employee engagement programmes, KPI dashboards, crisis handling, international mergers, start-up coaching, or PR and IR tactics and product launch designs, among others.

… and yes, we can also be more subtle with SEO.

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