WHITEPAPER: Key Performance Indicators in Marketing

The right KPI framework as the basis for success measurement and performance optimization in marketing

In today’s challenging, competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining customers is not easy. In addition to offering the right products and services of high quality, targeted and efficient marketing is a driving factor for success. In this context, key performance indicators (KPIs) are an essential element for measuringperformance to help companies and brands achieve their goals. More than ever, companies need a way to assess where they stand and whether or not they are performing in line with their strategy.

In the marketing environment, the potential of KPIs as useful decision-making tools that help improve performance is still largely untapped. Which is a shame, because used correctly, they can make an enormous difference to marketing success. The fact that many companies still work too little with targeted performance indicators is due not least to the perceived complexity. Whereas measurable key performance indicators used to be in short supply (in the non-digital age), today it is necessary to select from the flood of possible performance indicators those that are of greatest relevance to the company.

To remedy this, this paper provides clarity on what KPIs are and what their value proposition is for marketing success. It presents the approach for determining the appropriate KPI framework and highlights various ways companies should use performance indicators to sustainably improve their marketing performance.

Download  Whitepaper “KPI in Marketing”

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Author: Dr. Ralf C. Kaiser
Dr. Ralf C. Kaiser is managing partner of BLACK DOLPHIN, a communication collaborative with international footprint, and founding partner of the communications think tank BoC. Ralf is a certified change management consultant and business coach; he is specialist in change and transformation processes, strategic communication, and corporate brand development. Ralf worked for leading communications firms such as Edelman, Fink & Fuchs AG, Hill+Knowlton, and MC-Services AG in Europe, USA and Asia. He held various international management functions at Toyota, Lexus and Hyundai. Ralf has a masters in Political Science and Economics and holds a doctorate in Business Administration.